About Ten Three Consulting Group

Meet Julie

Julie Chavarria is the force behind Ten Three Consulting Group.  Julie started in the hotel industry working at the front desk of the Sheraton Harbor Island while attending college at UCSD.  She then moved into sales at Paradise Point Resort & Spa, working under Liz Johnson, who became her travel industry sales career mentor.  In 2004, Julie was promoted to a corporate sales position with Noble House Hotels & Resorts and relocated to Redondo Beach with her husband.

After five years with Noble House, Julie moved into the role of Director of Travel Industry Sales with San Diego-based hotel and golf company, JC Resorts.  Then she experienced opening a hotel in downtown San Diego, opening what is now known as the Palomar San Diego.  Noble House called her again in 2010 to rejoin the National Sales team to handle travel agencies on the west coast, consortia RFPs and marketing for their collection of properties across the country.

Seven years - and three sons! - later in 2017, Julie launched her own private firm, Ten Three Consulting Group, working from North Park, an urban neighborhood of San Diego, CA.  She brings her passion and expertise in the travel industry sales arena to each hotel and resort in her client portfolio.

What does Ten Three stand for?  Julie's initials.  

J is the tenth letter of the alphabet and C is the third.


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2020 Member, HEDNA, Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association